Need help looking for a DAC for Samsung TV 4k

I need suggestions for a Dac Preamp for my new Samsung tv 4k. It MUST have ALL the requirements below. Please help
1. Less than 14 inches wide
2. Silver color
3. Optical input
4. VOLUME wireless remote control
6. Below $400

I already have Cambridge Dacmagic Plus and Music Hall DAC 25.3 but both lack some of what I need. Please help and Thank you all again. 
you can go to the DAC category and sort by price.......

can do the same thing over at usaudiomart 
Does the TV not have an analogue output, or does your amplifier not have an optical digital input? There are not that many DACs with a remote control, and even fewer at this price (I cannot quickly think of one).
@willemj , my Samsung tv only has 1 output and it's an Toslink optical, nothing else. My amp is a pure 2ch amp with only L,R RCA inputs. 
@addyson816 I did look into for sale search but no luck. 

something will show up......just give it time / patience.

maybe other options if price is higher ?
I may step aside for a pre/pro but it can not exceed 14 inches wide
Look for a used Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC.  Retail on this is $499, so you should be able to find something used under $400.  It has everything you need except for the silver color.  I think it's going to be hard to find something that meets every one of your requirements.
If the Cambridge and Music Hall do not give you the sound you're looking for, then I do not believe $400 will buy you what you want.
Auxinput, that’s what I thought as well, but my guess it is the lack of a remote that is the issue. Does the volume control on the TV work with the digital output? Otherwise, how about a Benchmark DAC 1 factory refurbished?

@robelvick - Teac UD-301, no remote.

If you are okay with a remote-controlled preamp, here are a couple options, but they are not silver:

Parasound Zpre 2 - $200 used on ebay

Audio-GD C-2 - $450 plus shipping, which is over your budget, but this is likely going to be the best sound quality preamp you can buy in this price range.

@auxinput. MH dac sounds beautiful but does not have Vol control nor the remote but I keep it in my 2ch listening room now  The Cambridge Dac has all except for the remote. 

@willamj,  the TV's smart remote can able to learn other remote to minimal the extra remote but can not adjust its own volume for digital output. I will dig in and play around more. Good point though
Thank you all for some suggestions. I really appreciated but I'd like to stick with the MUST list for now. I already spent (not regret) $350+$350 on those 2 DACs 

Ladies and gentlemen, drum please. I think I found it; Peachtree DAC Nova Pre. At 14.8 inches wide, it will barely fit my console. Has Optical, Slver (face) color. Because it will prob sound better than my MH 25.3 and Dacmagic Plus, will anyone let me have for $400?
Seller was enthusiast enough to have down for $400 shipped to Texas or else Upscale Audio have them brand new for $549 black, $599 cherry, rosewood. I think I will be very happy with Peachtree. What yall think
@robelvick. Thank you. I bought it from eBay

Congratulations on your purchase!  Let us know how it sounds when it arrives.
The Peachtree NovaPre arrived and I'm loving it to death. First, I almost gave it a bad review because after 8 hrs of listening it still sounds muddy, boomy and congested but gladly the problem was from the Samsung TV's sound set up. I turned off TV's "Sound Feed Back" and Voila- bingo. Nice but not perfect until I gave it a nice treat, replaced stock power cord with Harmonic Tech AC-11. And remove VanDenHul RCA with Cardas. This combo just took the Peachtree NovaPre up another level. More clarity, more air on top end and nicely tighting up the mid and bass. To my supprise, Peachtree has Prat and high end sound. I highly recommed.


Great to hear!