Need help: Levinson 333 vs 336

I am trying to get an amp for my Revel Studio. A used 336 costs at least $1500 more than 333. What is the diffence between them? Is it big? Thanks.
No comparison. Get the 336.
Went from the 332 to the 336. Absolutely go for the 336.
The 336 is alot sweeter sounding than the 333. While the 333 is a great amp the 336 sounds much better. Much more accurate in tonal character and the bass control is much better. I use a 335 and a 39 directly to my amp and I love it. I also use Martin Logan Ascents. I want your studios and my system is done. You can buy a 335 and be all set also it has the same sound as the 336 just a little less power. The 335 will run the 40,000 wilsons so it can run the studios no problem. The 335 is 250 watts per side into 8ohms and 500 perside into 4ohms more than enough power to drive your speakers and pretty much any speaker out there call Levinson and they will tell you the same thing. 860-346-0896 good luck Dan Levinson has what I like to call the most emotional sound in high end audio. Enjoy
Lev335? is Dan Levinson..Mark Levinson, or no relation? I never heard of a Dan Levinson.
I just picked up a 335 yesterday and I love it! It's driving my Martin logan Odyssey's. Never got to compare it to the 332 which was also for sale.