Need help in selling amp&preamp

Original owner of following:
VSP Lab Gold edition amplifier
Straightwire preamp
Both of them is in excellent working condition.
they haven't been used for at least 10 years
This is the forum section, for sharing information. You should looking into the ad section and place an ad there, this is not a marketplace. Click on "Sell" and it should walk you through the process. If you are not sure where to start pricing, perhaps you would be better suited to start a low or no reserve auction instead of a regular ad.
Good luck.
I would bring to a local tech and have them check them out and make sure the working condition is tight and if any of the caps are leaking or need to be replaced. That's helpful and valuable info for a buyer. Search online to see what a fair asking price might be for the condition and set-up either a regular add or try an auction here. Good luck!
I am assuming that you are fishing to try to find their current value... I my memory serves me, these are from the mid 80's... Preamp fairly nice, transparent pre, amp is a bit dark sounding, 200 watts per channel.
First, I am not making offers, I have no interest in this and on this forum, if purchasing would go through the proper channels.... with that said, the pre should fetch $200 to $400 depending on condition and finding the a buyer familiar with the pre, The Power amp should bring $400 to $800 based on the same criteria... It might seem low, but you will have direct competition with old amps & pre's from Adcom, B&K, Sumo and the likes, some of them being quite good. I hope this helps, Tim
I agree with True and Tim. Since they haven't been used in 10 years, having a tech look them over to make sure they are operating properly will maximize what you get for them. I heard the amp (not the Gold edition) briefly many years ago. It was an outstanding amp, don't remember it sounding dark at all. But whether its dark, light, this or that all depends on the other associated gear you have it with.
I have that amp plus some of the TransMOS 150s, but I've put some of the 150s on consignment. I got my Gold Edition in 1996 for $400 from a co-worker. Back when it was in production it was J. Gordon Holt's favorite amp.

It's conceivable it might fetch $650 if in excellent condition. On the buyer's end, if it's in that good of a condition, he's getting a lot of amp for the money.

After VSP went out of business, there was an electronics repair shop in Ann Arbor that continued to build them for awhile. I talked to the main guy there 18 yrs ago (I don't think the shop has been around for a long time), and he felt that Parasound's HCA-2200 finally came up to the performance level of the VSP Gold Edition.

The point I'm making is that although the VSP was made in low numbers and was a good performer, there have been other affordable high performance amps that have come along since, and that probably keeps the VSP amps from climbing in value. Also, now that they're 30 years old, I've had to get all of my VSP amps fixed or recapped.