Need Help in organizing my Audio equipment

I am located in the washington,DC area (the MD suburbs)My system can be seen on audiogon.It has gotten rather complicated and overwhelming in terms of changing IC,or amp connections.Time has come to reorganize the placement of the equipment.I am at an age that lifting 4 150lbs amps is no longer an option.I am fantasizing about moving all the electronics out and placing it in more convinient arrangement with the same cabinet.An additional complication is the heart of the system is the Meridian 861 .I am computer challenged and nor do I follow manual well so any mishap will have to be fixed.The 861 is currently configured properly.I am willing to compensate well for the service.Should anyone from out of town who is well referenced and competent interested in coming to the area I will reimburse reasonable travel expenses.Any ideas?
Hell I would like to cone just to hear your system!

I have a friend who is nearby you - I live in Bethesda and he is in Rockville. He used to own a custom audio/video design and installation shop in Bethesda. He *really* knows his stuff and has designed some extremely good systems - he did the Firestone Mansion in DC and also did Jack Kent Cook's and Dan Snyder's systems. If you like, I could ask him if he'd be willing to consult with you. He's doing day trading now, but still dabbles in custom installations...


You may want to consider posting your request in the Audio Clubs Forum. There is a club listing for DC Metro. When you post in a club forum thread, AudiogoN e-mails all of the thread participants, so the local club members wouldn't need to be monitoring AudiogoN forums in order to receive your request for assistance. Here's the link to the DC Metro Club forum: