Need help improving sound

I would like my system to have more detail and separation during complex musical passages, like those contained in certain Explosions in the Sky tracks, or in classical music like Beethoven's 9th or Rachmaninov's third piano concerto. The Rotel gets a little smeared in these areas.I blame either the pre amp or the amp for this. Need suggestions for upgrades in one or both areas. My system profile is public and there is a link to it next to my member name.
Pre amp upgrade: McCormack RLD-1 or ??? (Must have remote)
Amp upgrade: parasound a-21, odyssey stratos or ???
Thanks in advance.
Might be more of an effect from your room. Do you have corner bass traps and first reflections treated (at least side walls and floor, and if possible ceiling)? Proper room treatments can improve clarity quite a bit IME.
thanks Rock, but this thread was one of several I kept posting on the same subject, it took days for these to appear. Everyone's responding on my most current effort--
"Need help determining next upgrade - 3rd ATTEMPT"
--Same subject. Everyone is pretty much in agreement with you. I have re-arranged my room and have ordered some cheapo acoustical foam.
Oh, OK. Best of luck to you!