need help, IMac to dCS Puccini word clock

I just disassembled my system to put it in a new rack, and cant get it back owrking. I used an IMac as a server, with a USB connection to a dCS external word clock, which in turn is connected to a dCS Puccini CD player.

I know I have everything downstream form the CD player hooked up correctly because I can play CDs from the CD player to the preamp.

I think the issue is in the IMac midi set up-- icalled Apple and they were befuddled...can anyone help me make sure the IMac is configured correctly to send the data stream to the clock vis I tunes?


Not quite sure what you're trying to do, but the Apple iMac does not supply any Word clock signal.

The iMac's USB port can only be connected to a Puccini U-Clock's USB input.

Or alternatively, connect your iMac's Toslink Audio output to a Toslink-to-Coax S/PDIF converted, which can then be connected directly to the Puccini player's Coax S/PDIF input.
Have you checked the Sound option in the System Preferences? It gives you the option to choose the output device. Apple MIDI allows you to set the data rate of output e.g. 24 bit, 96 kHz etc. But to get sound you need to choose the output device in system preferences; when you disconnect, the iMac likely defaulted to "internal speakers".

Good luck.
Thanks--had to switch the sound output option as Classicjazz had defaulted to internal speakers.


So, now that it's working, how do u like the Mac to u clock to Puccini sound? I'd like to get that setup one day. Especially how does the USB input compare to most discs off the transport...thanks