Need help identifying type or class of new tube amplifier

Several months ago I purchased a used integrated tube amp and asked for assistance identifying the manufacturer. I've given up on that approach and now would like only to identify the type of amp that it is. It appears to be Russian with the only English designation being "Moonrower", Moscow.  The tube layout is as follows:  Power tubes - 4 X Millard 6L6 GC;    Input 1 - 2X  Amperex EF86;   Input 2 - 2X 6DJ8. 18 other interchangeable power and input tubes were included.  This amp has separate L and R volume controls. I don't know how the previous owner made the determination but he said the power rating is 30 watts. My primary amp is a Cary with all 4 input tubes the same so I was doubly confused when I saw that this one has two different types. Any help will be very much appreciated. 
30 watts total or per channel (I’m guessing per channel)? RCA says the 6L6 can output around 6 watts in class a so probably not a class a amp. Most likely a class a/b push pull. But I’m not an amp circuit guy so YMMV.
yes, likely A/B but the class of amp is about how the active devices (tubes or transistors) work, so my guess is that even a schematic will not help you determine that
You should post some pictures along with pictures of the insides.  There is no tube recitifier so that raises the power output too.  
Yes, 30WPC if he's right and  A/B is my best guess also. I'd post images of the circuitry but, because it's not point to point wiring, its difficult to figure out. Besides, I haven't had much luck using photobucket to send images.