Need help identifying this MC cartridge? Specs would be great!

This cartridge came to me maybe 15 years ago in a Systemdek XII / profile arm.  I tried it then, thought it was good, but had other priorities.

Just moved, and "found" a lot of my accumulated audio gear.  Just flipping through carts, this one sounded significantly better than the Denon 300 before or the Dynavector 10X4 I rolled in after.  

I had the tracking set at 2G, the cart sounded better on the 30 ohm vs 10 setting on the FRT-3 transformer I grabbed.  Have not experimented with any other settings or head amps.

I would pull it from the shell, but I don't remember any info on top.

Not sure how to insert a pic, so here is a link:

Would appreciate any insight,



If anyone is interested, I found the spec sheet that I did not know I had:

Cart is a Shinon Saphic MC, Tracking 2g +/- .2, impedance 4 ohms, compliance 7x10-6 @ 100hz, output .28mV. The spec sheet indicates a hollow sapphire tube cantilever with "line contact" nude diamond. VTA is spec’d to be 22 deg.

The stylus tip looks good to me at 200x, definitely not a simple shape. I think the cart sounds very nice at 2g running into a FR FRT-3 transformer at 30 ohms setting. It does some things better than the fresh Hana SL I have.

Thanks for the views and guesses.