Need Help Identifying Specific Discovery Cables

I have a pair of Discovery interconnect cables that have no identifying wording on them apart from the word 'Discovery' on the cables. They are male RCA to male RCA, 1 m/3 ft long, with black cable, gold tips and silver sleeves. They look identical to the Discovery Essence cables except that the cable is black and they don't say Essence, just Discovery. I've uploaded a few photos in case those help anyone to identify.

Thank you in advance for the assistance! I inherited these and they're in great shape but I'm at a loss to fully identify them.
And just in case anyone is interested in getting on an identifying roll, I've also got a second unnamed cable not made by Discovery. This one is a power cable, 6 ft. and black with no markings except the words Signal Cable and Made in USA on the wrapping around the sheath. Again, here are some photos which may help:

Thank you!
The power cable is from a company called Signal Cable and the model number is "MagicPower". Frank sells here on Audiogon. I have probably a dozen of them.
When Joe first started Discovery Cable, he only had one model, "The Discovery Interconnect", IIRC.

I think you have one of the original cables. I have a couple of those also.

You might send Joe an email with pic and ask him for sure.