Need Help Identifying Speakers

I picked up a pair of speakers today that look identical to Kilpschorns I had nearly 25 years ago BUT on these speakers, the tops consist of Altec Lansing 806A drivers and Altec 811B sectoral horns with JBL2504 slot tweeter (each speaker is a mirror image with the slot tweeter mounted on the outer edge. I have not opened them to see what the bass woofer is but I did connect them to a small amp and I swear they sound much better than the Klipschorns I used to own. These sound is STUNNING. Are these one-offs? Has anyone seen corner horns like this before? I would really like to know. All I know is that the previous owner worked in movie production in Hollywood and may have custom built these himself; I am just not sure.

Here are links to the photos:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Is the tweeter mounted on the outer edge or the inner edge?

Since the speakers have more than one brand of drivers I think it would be safe to say they are not a production model.
I did some more investigating and I'm pretty sure the bottoms are the Speakerlab K units. The tops are custom designed (obviously), with the JBL2405 slot tweeters mounted on the outer edge of the Altec 811B sectoral horns. I took a look at the crossover and it is marked with a Speakerlab label.(see link to photo at ) I still have to open the cabinets to see the woofers....I'm hoping they are Altec 803B's.
Here is a link to six photos of the corner horns: