Need help identifying Russian tube amplifier

Against the advice of several local guys who know a lot more than I, I purchased this amplifier. It is a 30-35 wpc integrated.  Their concern was that the transformer quality is unknown and that there are no schematics. Their advice is probably appropriate because it wasn't that cheap.  All writing on it is in Russian except for the words "Moonrower; made in Moscow" printed on a small paper sticker glued to the rear of the chassis.  The chassis has a large footprint, is very heavy and is painted black with a chrome plated or polished SS transformer cover with pedestal feet at the four corners. The seller recapped it and replaced the 4 output tubes with the others as follows:

4X Mullard 6L6gC;  Amperex 2X 6DJ8;  Amperex 2X EF86

my main amp is the Cary 808R (Rocket 88R) with which I've been ver happy. Even though there is a somewhat difference, I appreciate this one almost at the same level. I don't have any thoughts that I've lucked into the holy grail of obscure Russian amps; I'm just very curious. 
It looks like my post hasn't stimulated any interest but in case it does later I've a few things more to add. I called the seller to get info on bias adjustment because there is no information on this amp anywhere. He explained that it is auto biasing so, although I realize there are some on these forums that don't like auto biasing, it's at least one thing I don't need to concern myself with.  Another thing I neglected to mention is that it has right and left balance controls which leads me to suspect that its design is that of a dual monoblock amp. 

Im beginning to believe that it may have been a DIY kit adapted into this massive chassis. Although it has point to point wiring, it is mounted on a fiber circuit board which, at first glance of its photo, makes it look like the top of a PC board. Even if it sounds like a potentially very poor choice to have bought this thing, I would like to hear what you think. If that evaluation turns out to be the case and that I've way overpaid I'm still happy because of its wonderful sound. 

How about a picture, if its possible nowadays?
Thanks for the response, jetter. The only time I've ever included photos was in an ad that I placed a couple of years ago but I haven't been able to figure how to do it otherwise.  HERE's A CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE. IT HAS RIGHT AND LEFT VOLUME COTROLS which gives the user balance control. I'll keep trying to send a photo or 2 but if I had someone's email or text info, I could do it that way. 
Go to and make a free account. Upload and share the photos. Post link.
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