Need help identifying if U.S. or Euro pressing of Beatles LP box set !

Hello everyone,

I am looking to purchase the Beatles LP record box set in stereo on Amazon.

Amazon apparently started selling USA pressings, and many had defects. They then switched to European pressings and all was perfect.

My question is: HOW to tell pressing provenance on the records or jackets, where is this kind of info found and what do I look for?

Many thanks if you can help !
Try this website.
That's a tough one. The Amazon site does not show the back cover and simply lists the record label as Capitol.

Assume that they are selling the US release. You could contact one of the vendors to find the UK or EU version.
Thanks for your response, I do wish to know where where to look on the sleeve or label that shows pressing origin, and what to look for.

Best would be to get input from someone who actually owns this LP box set.....
buy from amazon europe ?