Need help identifying cartridge

Hello, I have what I think is a low-output MC cartridge circa approx. 1982. The body is rectangular and silver in color; appears to be made of either plastic or aluminum. The dimensions are approximately 1" x 1/2" x 5/16". The only marking is on the front of the cartridge, a logo which resembles a cursive small "s", with the last stroke going horizontally through the body. A small dot is above this horizontal line.

E-mail me if you want pictures. Thanks.

From the dim recess of my mind I recall a cartridge similar to the one you are describing, but I recall the logo as being more in the style of a treble clef. I'll try and find some more info that hopefully id's the cartridge. Also hope that someone else comes up with something.

Regards, Richard
Thanks. I have a picture of the cartridge in the virtual systems, under "Ever Evolving".

Just had a look at the photo and I don't think it is the one I recall with the treble cleff style logo but it sure does ring a bell. Darned if I can think of the name. I do think it is a "d" with the long stroke to the left which makes either "AD" or.........??

Someone here must remember..?

Regards, Richard.
You have an Argent cartridge. What looks like a small script "s" is actually a stylized "A." The small "dot" is really a downward pointing triangle beneath (not above) the horizontal stroke. Argents were distributed by Direct Sound, which had a 1982 address of 150 Fifth Avenue, Suite 516, New York, NY 10011. An ad for Argent with this logo appears on page 127 in the October 1982 issue of Audio Magazine, although Argent cartridges are not listed in the annual equipment directory in the same issue. The October 1983 issue of Audio lists six Argent cartridges in the annual directory. They are all moving coil. They range in price from $660 to $96. The three most expensive ones have outputs identified as "0.2 mV," the fourth most expensive one has output of "2.0 mV," and the cheapest two are "0.1 mV." Recommended tracking force for all of them is "1.8-2.2 grams." Recommended load capacitance for all of them is "100 pF." The styli are all elliptical or hyper-elliptical (I have the radii if you want). Best regards.
Thank you very much.