Need help ID'ing B&O 5 sided tower speakers

I inherited two tower (4077-02 & 4078-02)speakers with the following specs:
- Two B&O tower speakers
- type 6623
- 120v
- 50-60hz
- 300 W

Serial 06479271

Can you help me identify the model name and any pointers to detail descriptions? Thanks for any assistance.
The model of these loudspeakers is called the BeoLab Penta, and B&O produced them for over fifteen years, in three versions (Penta I, Penta II, and Penta III). The type 6623 is the Penta II for the US market.

This was B&O's first generation of active speakers, and actually uses a single amplifier driving a passive crossover to a total of nine drivers, in a 5-way configuration. The amplifier actually performs very well, with a conservative 150W output, three pairs of output transistors, good heatsinking, and a very robust power supply. The Penta Is had a somewhat different connection panel, and a different design to the crossover (and thus sound a bit darker then the IIs and IIIs.) The only difference between the IIs and IIIs is the display electronics. Pentas generally have a very good service history, with the most common problems being flakey bias trimpots (causes overheating) and various display issues (in the Is and IIs).

I personally own a pair of Penta IIIs that I use as the front left and right in my video system, and I like them very much. They are somewhat lacking in detail and imaging (they're better in a larger, more reverberant room), but the bass response is really nice . . . full and warm but not boomy - and they're relatively insensitive to placement. They can also play quite loud, and can do so easily all day without blowing anything up.

Here's a link for more info, and somewhere on the site you can download a manual as well:
These are what B&O called Penta's. Very expensive for the period and self powered - so never really caught on around here.Having said that - I found myself really listening to these for the first time while installing display shelving in the listening rooms of the store I worked at. The guy I was working with and I sorta started out using 'em as a job site music source - by the end of the weekend - we were both pretty impressed!Since the rest of the center we were in at the time was closed - we could really crank these up - something I don't think I had ever done when demonstrating them for customers ( most B&O sold for looks). Penta's will play very loud , very cleanly and with something better than B&O electronics feeding 'em can sound remarkably good. Excellent combination of imaging ,detail and dynamics.
If I remember right - these do take some B&O specific connecting cord with their own "unique" connector. I also seem to remember that they could be driven either by speaker level (8ohm?) or line level (1.5V?)- depending on a switch on the base.
Not a audiophile speaker - but nice music would come thru them.Probably deserved more attention than they got in the late 80's - early 90's.