Need Help - IC , Speaker cable & power cord

I am looking for IC , speaker cables and power cord. Need help for recommendation.

My current system consists of the following components:
Halcro DM58
Verity Audio Sarastro
Mark Levinson ML32 (Planning to purchase a ML32,Haven't bought yet.Any other recommendations? Should I use DCC2 as a pre-amp?)* Halcro pre-amp seems to be lack of body and human timbre.

I think the Halcro needs some warmth somewhere to attain a natural balance.The bass of my verity speaker gets boomy and I don't know how to describe that the bass is not very well controlled. For some music that I heard, the bass seems to affect the mid and lousy)

My current cables are cheap cables :
(1) Old cello IC (background is not very quiet,but it sounds open & airy)
(2) Unknown, non expensive speaker cables that may affect the bass performace.
(3) My speakers may not fully break in as I bought it used.
I don't know how many hours the speakers have been operated before as I have used the speakers for about 150 hours .

I am considering the following:
(1) Transparent Reference XL MM or lower model of XL MM
(2) Siltech G6 Eskay creek or classic 188 mkII
(3) Xlo Limited Edition
(4) Tara Lab Omega or the One
(5) Shunyata Python (other recommendation?)

I was told that the magic of Xlo Limited Edition cables is to control the bass very well, but I worry about its ability to deal with the mid & high, and would it be too tight and affect the overall performance of the mid & high? not so natural....? (Are the Siltech & Transparent cables better overall?)Should I use one brand as a set or mix & match?

Does it make any sense to upgrade to this extremely expensive cables? Would they improve the system a lot as I understand that the matching is the most important.

My friend told me that Van den Hul vdh and the " emotion "
speaker cables are good cables. Any recommendation?
Please help. Thanks
Sorry, "emotion" refers to Kubala - Sosna Research
I have been an audiophile a long time... I truly love this hobby of pursuing the best sound possible. But, I have learned that lots of money does not necessarily buy lots of better sound. This is especially true of speaker cables and IC's. In the past I have spent up to $4500 for speaker cables and up to $2500 for IC's. But, now I have found outstanding cables from a small producer by the name of MAC... "My Audio Cables." I am using his UltraSilver IC's... one from my Musical Fidelity A5 CD Player to my Audio Research VSi55 Integrated Tube Amp, and one from my DirecTV HD DVR to the ARC VSi55. I am in "Hog" heaven... I can hardly believe how an IC less than $300 can bring out all the sound you would ever envision from my Spendor S8e speakers. Coupled with the MAC Sound Pipes speaker cables, biwired, the sound is magnificent! I now have the UltraSilver Sound Pipes speaker cables on order, but it may be that I can't improve on what I'm hearing now... but, I will see. Steve Hallick offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after listening for a month... but, so far, I have not sent back any thing. Why should I? His cables blew away the "expensive" cables I had. If you don't believe me... just try his cables for a month and then tell me I'm wrong. I bet you will thank me, if you do try them. With my system, they are the best I've heard in all respects.
You might look at Blue Jeans Cables at They have some very good stuff; I was certainly impressed.
Virtual dynamics might be a solution.They are awesome at mid and low end performence and are extremely fast.I am using the same speaker and I am trying to perfect every single piece in the chain because Sarastro just reveal .If I were you I would not go to cheap stuff.Synergistic Designer Ref as IC creates a deep black soundstage and lowers the noise dramatically.Also higly recommended.Kimber KS 1020 creates hesitation .Piano sound starts cracking e.g. Crystal Cable are very good at midrange but lowers the energy at the bottom.Regards
have tried all the aforementioned cables you are considering with my halcro dm68, and the better of them was the tara labs. didn't care for the rest of them. don't get the halcro preamp...... my$0.02.
Out of those, Siltech, IMO. Just as good for fewer bucks is Pure Note Paragon (sale price or used). See the 'Gon for more opinions.