Need help. I need recomendations for amp, or amp/preamp

Hi I have a pair of Unity Audio Fountainhead floorstanding speakers (Pyramid design-3 drivers, nominal 7ohms, minimum 5 ohms. I need a amplifier, or amp/preamp, integrated, solid state, or tube for them. Reviewer said they need at least 50 watts. Anyone know these speakers and what would sound great. Cost is an object, used maybe?



Here ya go! If you just need an amp, these sound great and you should never have to worry about not having enough power.

Noticed you asked the same question over at ASR. Their review of the m700 was tepid at best but the proof is in the listening not the measurements.

Parasound produces an extensive range of high quality SS power amps, as well as preamps & integrateds.  They frequently engage legendary engineer John Curl to help design their products.  In addition to multiple power rating choices, they offer multiple price lines, and multiple channel configurations.

You can’t really go wrong with the original Parasound Halo A21 amplifier. I like it more than the newer A21+. They have a meaty sound that isn’t achieved at the sacrifice of resolution, and can drive nearly any speaker with ease. 

Pair one with the Schiit Freya S preamp and you’ll have excellent sound well within your budget.