Need help I dentifying Cable brand. please help.

I see AudioGon does not have photo upload so I have to describe this the best I can. I have this single RCA cable I found in a thrift store today. I knew it was something pretty good considering it was a thick heavy weave of very fine wires. basically you have 8 pairs of small pairs of wires, each pair consists of a light cream color wire with one brown wire twisted together. the eight pairs are then twisted together to form a thicker weave that can be undone by twisting in the opposite direction. at each end is a heavy duty Gold plated RCA. each rca is slightly different in its size and shape but look very similar. the wires are separated inside the RCA and consist of eight of the cream colored wires tied together at the center point and soldered together, the brown wires are tied together and soldered on the RCA's bridge forming the negative. the cable is 3 meters long. I cannot really make a good guess as to what they are. I am thinking something along the lines of kimber kable, but whatever it is is has to be several years old. I don't think it is any type of cheap knock off the quality of it is too good, its just an older cable. no rust corrosion or dulling. any info would be great. thanks, and God Bless.
It sounds to me like someone made an interconnect out of some old Kimber speaker wire. I had an older version of their bulk cable that had the same coloring you're describing.