Need help - How to transport my turntable

My local dealer put a new arm, cart and set up my table which I'm picking up later today. (Oracle Delphi V).

I don't have the original box and my car is a sports coupe with a modified, very stiff suspension. Any tips for transporting it (about a 20 minute drive on bumpy roads)?

I was thinking of putting it in the flattest spot in the trunk on top of a thick blanket, foam padding and a big pillow, with an elastic net to hold it secure. I was going to cut blocks out of foam to wedge the turntable platter and suspension so it wouldn't move around. Does that sound good enough? Any advice/ input?

Ask a friend to go along for the ride and you buy lunch at a nice place. Support the turntable arm, platter and suspension as you described and have your guest hold it on their lap for the ride home. Good luck.
I would remove the platter at the very least so as to not damage the bearing. Depending on the difficulty I would also consider removing the arm and boxing separately.
Having transported my Oracle Delphi to Brooks Berdan on several occassions(upgrade tone arm, rewire with cardas,damping trough installed) I can tell you are on the right track with the styrofoam blocks which came packaged in the original shipping box(the blocks are 3 inches long,2 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 high). Cut out a U(1 inch and an 1/8) in the block so that it slips nice and snug against the INSIDE of the towers.Once you have the U in there on the top of the block cut a groove(1/2 inch) so that the metal that the tower is attached to slips in there. There should be a little play in there so that the table CAN jostle up and down but not enough to where it can bottom out and damage your bearing. You will need three of them.The block should look like a Y cut in the square. Also tie your tonearm down with a twist tie on to it's perch and if you have a needle guard usealy a piece of plastic that snaps on underneath the cartridge body put that on to. But before you do this ask the person who worked on your table if he has anything that he might loan you for the trip which you will return later on in the day.
I would remove the platter prior to transporting the MKV, in order to prevent damage to the bearing. Make sure that you drain off all the oil drops into the bearing housing. However, it can be time consuming/difficult to re-install the belt if you have not done it before.
You might consider not removing the platter but instead inserting foam between the platter and plinth at several points around the perimeter to raise it just enough to get it off the bearing. This will also help protect the remainder of the table by keeping everything together. The key is to stabilize all parts by preventing relative motion relative to one another and to the car as well.
Thanks a million guys.

I followed your collective advice and managed to get the turntable home safe and sound. It now sounds superb.

Well, here's what I did:

The dealer (Rob at Applause Audio in downtown Toronto) knew I didn't have the original box and he had already fashioned some blocks out of cardboard and foam that he wedged between the platter and plinth. We left the platter on since the wedges would prevent it from knocking against the bearing during the ride. We also left the arm on.

Being single and busy (lazy?), I have a cleaning lady from a housemaid service come to my loft every two weeks. Well, today was her lucky day -- after she was done I asked her if she would help me get my turntable (thanks, Hank, for the suggestion).

So I tipped her very generously, we grabbed a big pillow and a foam cushion, and got in my car. One of my neighbours saw us so I may have some explaining to do later on...

She sat with a foam cushion on her lap, and a thick down pillow on top of that -- which is where I placed the Oracle. I took some more foam pieces that I had brought with me and beefed up the wedge beneath the platter a little. I had her take both hands and hold two opposing suspension towers so that her fingers wedged the gap between the big ring supporting the platter and the stops on the tower above and below. I also made sure she was careful not to touch the cartridge -- which she already knew from cleaning my place in the past. (She really went above and beyond the call of duty... I'll have to play her some records next time)

Anyway, I had to recalibrate the tracking force because the counterweight position shifted on the arm a little, but otherwise it all worked out, and it sounds... gorgeous.

Thanks again guys.


Congratulations. The MKV is a very underrated turntable. It is exellent in poviding a musial presentation, with the correct midrange tonal colors with a huge soundstage.It is nimble with excellent speed stability which benefits piano recordings.
Remove the platter and the dust cover, use a twist tie to secure the arm. Put the table on a blanket in the seat next to you with the back part of the seat reclined. Put the platter on the floor under the passenger seat wrapped as well. Finally ,wrap the dust cover in a blanket and put it in your trunk.