Need Help Guys Bat Vk5 preamp tube rolling

Well..This has been quite an ordeal..Ive been piecing together my two channel system and its seems I still have abit more to go.Current status of my system...Sound Lab M-1's,Parasound JC-1's,BAT Vk5..vintage 1997 no remote,CEC 5100 (used as a player)no dac and Straightwire Cresendo ic's....Question...The Bat has all original (8) 6922 and (2)brand unknown 5881..Preamp is nice but not all I think it could be or should be...Any suggestions for tube replacements...I lean towards a balance of a slightly warm friendly sound with a lush mid range,extended bass without giving up to much resolution and detail...I do not like harshness in the high's...( does anybody?)Any help would be greatly appreciated since this could be an expensive undertaking and would like to get it right the first time..Thanks
I tried a bunch of tubes in my VK-3i and like the Amperex 6DJ8 orange label Holland A-getter ca. 1972 tubes the best. They have some warmth but tons of detail and soundstage is amazing.
Check out my system for the rolling I did with my VK5i.
I posted at various times about tubes in my former 5i. You can do a search and find that info. Basically, I used a few combo's in the 6 input 6922 section ranging from all Siemens 6922. then 7308's. and then Amperex PQ 7308's white label.I also tried all Red Print HM Tungsrams..which were the most transparent of all. In the 2 AC shunt Regulation tubes sections( the 2 outboard 6922's) I used anything from Amperex, Siemens, Tungsrams and stock Sovteks...Not much difference with those tubes at that position to my ears. The biggest difference was the 6 inputs and the 2- 5881's. I wholeheartedly recommend Tung Sol 6L6/5881 here.Very warm and musical.

If I may make a suggestion however....None of the 6922's were stellar in this pre amp. i could have easily lived with just the 5881 upgrade alone, and a power cord upgrade. My suggestion would be to leave the expensive NOS tubes alone here and get yourself 4 matched pair of Russian 623n-eb SLNM Cryo's tubes from ATSI in Florida. These tubes are killer in everything I tried a 6922 in...and displaced even my venerable early type Siemens CCa's in my phono stage. They are quiet,focused and have excellent sweet highs, transparency, soundstage depth, and superb bass. You wont believe they are Russian tubes. The best part is that they sell for $75.00 a matched pair, and although not cheap for 4 pairs...they sell for much less than your typical Siemens or Amperex NOS gems. And the 6h23's will be new!...I cant say enough about them. If I had my 5i now..I would definately have given these a try.
Capping the unused XLR inputs (don't do anything to the outputs!!!) significantly drops the noise floor for the Vk series (had the 5, now upgraded to 5SE).