Need help getting XP 64 bit PC to record internal VST sounds again - any solutions?

Dear Anyone.  

I'm disabled and love writing music, I use Quick Score Elite Level 2 because I know it and love it.  But it only displays properly on XP, even in Win7 Emulation Mode half the controls vanish.  I've no idea why, but that's how it is.  

So I discovered XP 64 bit and thought 'Hey - can use more memory/better sounds!) And installed it, and the High Definition Audio Codec (which was IDT, not Realtek) vanished.  Not being an expert, I thought I'd just find the drivers and everything would be beautiful again.  

I've had more luck finding winning Lottery numbers.  I can't find drivers to make the internal Codec work nowhere nohow.  What's annoying is that ASIO4ALL SORTA works - but it's unuseable, if I use more than 2 instruments it skips notes all the time.  At least it proves the system CAN do it in 64 bit, though.  I bought an external sound card, one of those USB things that looks a bit like a memory stick but it's got jackplug sockets.  That plays sound like a dream - except if I try pressing RECORD nothing gets recorded.  You can tell me if I'm wrong but I think that's because the sound has to be fed back into the computer first.  I've got a microphone jackplug socket on it which I can loop back into the computer but the recordings sound like a really tinny telephone line.  No crackles, just really cheap and tinny like there's a ton of terrible reverb on the lot.  So I tried buying a Cerrxian Soundcard, but its drivers won't install.  I get 'Can't find entrypoint in ???DLL', I use question marks because the name of the DLL keeps changing - I can list them all if asked, just by doing numerous install tries - but it never actually installs and thus far the soundcard's been useless.  

But the external soundcard, the USB-stick-with-sockets thingy (very technical, me!) actually plays sound perfectly.  So the system's still there and waiting to be reawakened so I can actually record sounds with it too. So my Audio is indeed Gon (sorry, mods!!) and I'd love a bit of help getting it back again, so I can write/record music again.  

If it's any help, and there's a way of transferring the drivers over, my Windows 7 hard drive works like a dream in all respects. It's just my software doesn't understand it and I don't understand the software that DOES understand it! QSE loses its layout and half its controls even in XP Emulation Mode, in Win7.  

If it helps, I've got a Foxconn 2ADA mobo with 6gigs RAM, a Sandybridge processor, IDT High Def. Audio Codec (which oddly comes up as Realtek on Win7 but I can't make the Realtek drivers install in Win XP 64 bit and it's always come up as IDT on the XP 32-bit drive but I can't find IDT drivers that'll install in 64-bit XP - AARGH!!)

I'm happy to try any solutions at this point, I just want to get back to trying to write decent sounding music again.  I'd like to keep using the software I'm used to, though, it's simple (like me!) and easy to use, a lot more advanced than it looks and you don't get lost in nightmare piles of windows and instructions like you do in Cubase and the others.  IF - only if - the sound-out-to-external-card, sound-back-in-FROM-external-card is the way to go but with a posher external card, break the price news to me gently!  Remember I've got the Cerrxian if there's a way to get that going.....(And a GEforce, and a Soundblaster Live but they're PCI and the slots here are PCIe)

Yours hopefully

The program sounds like it is 16 bit. I'm no expert but it sounds like it will never work. I don't believe that a 64 bit driver is possible for 16 bit software.
In any event you need a Windows forum instead of an audio one.