Need help from the EAD TM Signature8A Owner here

I just bought an EAD pre/pro here on Agon.The Seller state it as an EAD Theater Master Signature 8A, but after I received it, from what I read its spec on the user's manual,that unit seems to be an EAD Theater Master Signature 8 not the 8A.Can't find any information to helping determine unit's version on internet, sent a couple emails to guys at Noble Electronics, got no response at all.So if you guys here, who has experience with EAD product, please show me a solution how to know that my EAD is a Signature 8 or 8A version ?
I had a Signiture 8A. If Remember correctly, it was a Signature unit upgraded to include 7.1 analog inputs with 8 inputs which gives the name 8A.
To Sfstereo :
Does your EAD show ''THEATERMASTER SIGNATURE-8A'' on the standby screen ? (Mine shows ''THEATERMASTER SIGNATURE-8''only).
Is there Analog tape monitor outputs on the back of your unit ? (Mine has Digital tape monitor output only)
Also, the Signature 8 has built in video switching, The 8A doesn't.
The 8A should have 3 more stereo analog inputs than the 8
Could you please take a look at your unit to see if those above available at your unit or not ?
Thank you in advance.