Need help from Sydney, problem with Azur 840 c

Hi all, my cambridge audio 840c cd (i bring it from Singapore) player has a realy strange problem.

it all start when i did want to burn in my new cable, i played my cd player in repeat all mode all night and at the morning the problem comes, my cd player has a difficulty to read the cd keep skipping even after i tried a couple new cd, the cd player just can't read the cd at all.
and i just give up the i put it in stand by mode, i didn't play the cd player for 3 days, then i just curious and want to try the cd player again, and suddenly it works fine until 1 week and then after 1 week suddenly the same problem comes again. and the problem gone and then comes again.

it is really make me depressed, because i just move to sydney (Australia) and i don't know where i can find a good service centre around sydney.

Can anyone here recomend me a good repair shop in Sydney?

sorry for my bad english.
As a Cambridge Audio dealer, I suggest you contact the dealer from whom you purchased (even though he is not local). They will assist you in your problem. If that is not possible, contact Cambridge Audio in Australia. Cambridge Audio is a great company and stand behind their product 100%. Your product carries a 2 year warranty. Here is your contact:

Your local distributor
Synergy Audio Visual
107 Northern Road
Heidelberg Heights 3081
Email: info
Telephone: +61 (0)3 9459 7474
Fax: +61 (0)3 9459 4343

I hope this helps.
Thanks Dan, i'll try to contact that distributor.

Sounds like your player got too hot and something jammed.
Make sure it has enough ventilation.
I think you might be right, because i just bought a rack (not audio rack) and my cd player just fit in that tight space rack. Today i'll try to move my cd player just on the floor and i'm hoping it will work fine again.