Need help from Pink Panther fans

Hi all,

There is a Pink Panther cartoon called "Extinct Pink" that has a song for the sound track that I know I've heard before but just can't place. It's driving me nuts. If any of you out there have the Pink Panther cartoons on DVD and can tell me what the title of this song is I will be grateful.
go to and look up the title...all the music credits are there
Thanks, Jaybo. I had no idea IMDB had so much stuff. Unfortunately, only the composer is listed and has no recordings by Doug Goodwin. However, according to IMDB the following A-list players played the song:

Ray Brown, Billy Byers, Pete Candoli, Shelly Manne, Jimmy Rowles and Tommy Tedesco. Anyone know of a record with that personnel list?
its probably the henry mancini track 'the pink pather's theme' used in all the movies all well
Macdonj - Would that cartoon "Extinct Pink" be the one where a Starving Pink Panther, small lizard, a Man, and a Dinosaur all fight over and chase around to get a Bone in a 'prehistoric' setting??? Because I also have been looking for that music that plays during the part where the man-eating plant temporarily swallows one of them - an incredibly powerful piece of what would be considered Classical Music...I used to have that cartoon recorded on VHS off of TV...long since lost :( ....for that music, and the fact that is one very funny cartoon....Let me know if you find it.....
Jaybo, "The Pink Panther" is used at the beginning of all the Pink Panther cartoons, and sound bites of that song are used in most of the other cartoons as well. "Extinct Pink" is different.

Joeylawn, yes, that's the cartoon. I think it's quite funny as well. Most of the cartoon has a jazz song for background music. I don't remember the music changing when the caveman is eaten by the flower, but I might have been laughing at the time . FWIW, the Pink Panther cartoons are available on 3 single DVDs (27 cartoons each disc), which I have and my kids love. I bought them at the grocery store for $10 each. There is also a 5-disc set that I saw once at Target for $50. I don't know what extras you get. Perheps there are more Pink Panther cartoons?
Fast tempo piano playing at that point.