Need help for preamp/amp to build around my 1.6s


I am planning a system around some "Peter Gunned" Maggie 1.6s. I want a "tubey" sounding system with a lush midrange.

I know Conrad Johnson has a rep for being very warm but any other preamps? I would prefer it had a phono input.

Also I hear great things about Monarchy SM70s with Maggies. Any experiences out there?

My budget will be around $4-5K for both. I hope to buy used.

The rest of the system is planned to be:
Logitech Transporter
Marantz TTS1 turntable, Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge

Thanks for any help.
if you want a truly lush and tubey sound you may have to look into tube amplifiers as well as preamps ... vintage models are more "tubey" than recent offerings which are much more neutral sounding
Thanks for the response.

I kind of figured that I would need to probably go CJ or Audio Research vintage for the best results.

I may go over budget with a tube amp that can power my Maggies though. 120-150 tube watts should power them fine I think.

What about VTL amps? Any comments on the sound?
never heard any of the VTL models ... vintage McIntosh tube amps would be great and hold re-sale very well

Bryston is a seamless match with Magnepan.Urban legend,James Winey drives his personal Maggies with the 7 series monos.
In my last system I complimented this combination(4BSST/1.6) with an Audio Research LS 15 which brought it all together.
A recommendation from personal experiences.