Need help for MD 108

I bought this Magnum Dynalab MD 108 secondhand in Apr and a couple of things have gone awry.

1. The lights use to illuminate the meters are out
2. The magic eye doesn't seem to be working
3. Isn't the station supposed to locked after tuning in?

In fact Larry Zurowoski (President of MD) did instructed me to ship the unit back. Somehow he terminated our email discussion without reason (too minor a customer to have?). Before losing faith in the company and its product, does anyone knows of any anyone who can undertake such repairs or supply of its spares profficiently?

Thanks for any sort of assistance. Regards.

I know from personal experience that MD lost some components from a warehouse some time ago. I purchased a used MD308 integrated amp which turned out to have problems. I contacted MD about repairs and he asked for the serial numbers. Turns out mine was stolen. He was angry at first, but then calmed down and was nice enough about it after he realized I had no way of knowing it was stolen. I sent the unit back to them.

If your tuner happens to have the same history MD won't repair it. If you send it in you'll never get it back. However, I hope that your unit is fine and they'll repair it for you. This week is the Stereophile show in San Francisco and Larry may be busy with that and thus not able to get back to you right now.
Ah so! No wonder he didn't reply. Possible he might be busy at CES. I was wondering if I am not good enough a customer. Anyway, my model serial number checks out to be OK. And thanks for sharing your experience. Never could know if an item bought on the open market is 'hot'. Caveat emptor!