Need HELP for Jadis JS1 DA Converter

Need help to find out the SHEMA (diagram) of JADIS JS-1 DAC to solve probem inside the power section unit.
So is there any serious business located in Canada or in the States where i could find it???
I was thinking of Jerry Orzment the digital guru who concieved this unit ???
Jadis France appears to be a close sect (cult).........
If you search these archives there is an official Jadis repair technician nsmed Avi Brand. I don't have his contact data But you might find it burried in the short thread. Given that he is a Jadis official,he may not be in a position to offer you much help without you contacting Pierre Gabriel first. Pierre Gabriel is in Montreal, Canada and the US distributor for Jadis. He is also a retailer.If you look in the resouces section find the manufacters index and you'll find his contact data when you select Jadis.
Avi Brand I know is in either Nassau County Long Island or in Queens N.Y. I don't know which.
I think Jerry Ozment (note correct spelling) should be your first port of call. His phone number is 203-222-2274 (CT). Good luck!