need help for cable Thank

my system
conrad johnson 17
cary 805b
proac 15d
xlo ic ref 2
xlo sp ultra
now bass is realy good but missing detail mid and high, i plan change ic to homegrown silver,does any body know is problem, help give me some advise. but i only could spend $200 to $300 in to ic (for 2 pair) and i need power cord for scd777 price tag 120,and for power amp,i'm new in this hobby help me out thank you and happy to all stereophy out there
While I am personally not a fan of silver cables, I have read some favorable posts over at audioasylum about Bogdan cables which are available here at Audiogon for a reasonable price.
I am using Homegrown Silver Lace in my second system. The sound I am achieving maybe is what you're looking for. Detail highs and mids are appearant, however, the bass department is lacking. I can live with this since I listen to mostly vocals or classicals vinyl with my second system. Hope this helps.
Joe B, even though a couple of posters over at audioasylum have promoted the bogdan interconnects with feverish intensity, I feel there are a couple of drawbacks to these cables. To begin, the third teflon tube is empty, leaving only two conductors. In an unshielded design, this really exposes the cable to potential EFI/RFI interference in anything but perfect environments. Other true "tri-braid" designs (like Homegrown or Kimber) double up on the negative conductors (1+ and 2-) which results in less resistance in the negative signal path, drawing RFI/EFI away from the positive. As good as shielded? No, but a decent compromise for those that prefer unshielded designs.

The other thing about the bogdans is that they use oversized teflon insulation. While the benefits of an air-dielectric are well known, in practice, this technology can only be utilized if the wire inside is resistant to corrosion or degredation. While silver corrosion/tarnish is nearly as conductive as the silver itself (one of the benefits of silver for audio), the ugly black surface buildup that is sure to result would bother me, at least aesthetically. A snugger dielectric would all but prevent contact with air, keeping the conductors corrosion-free for longer.

Happi626, I hope my comments did not confuse you even more! I think silver interconnects will be a huge improvement in your system and we are all very lucky to have so many fine affordable choices these days. Just read the reviews, visit the company websites, and don't get caught up in trick-of-the-month marketing hype and you'll do fine.

P.S. I think homegrown would be an excellent place to start, as they offer several "grades" of interconnect for various budgets and you can even order cables in kit form to save some $$.
thank alot you guy the best,that why i love audiogon member
Hi Thi,
What kind of cables are you trying to replace? I am using Bybee Quantum for my preamp (but now is Mac Delta 1), Elrod EPS 2 Signature 15 amp for my EMC1 UP CDP, Ric Cummins' Brujo (pair) CAD 300B Signature monoblocks(notes: these power cables are the best matches for the SET amps according to some audiophiles). I am also using Audience Au24 interconnects and speaker cables and Stealth Varidig digital between CDP and Stellavox ST2 DAC (it will be replaced by Audio Logic MXT pretty soon).