Need help for B W speaker and CJ Amp

I have BW speaker 804 nautilus and Conrad Johnson MF2500 solid state amp need new speaker cable. Any suggestion?
Thanks currently using audio quest cable (bedrock)
Cable would depend on what type of sound you want to achieve. Do you want to warm the sound or brighten it up. I am curious as to how the B&W sounds with the CJ. I have the N803 B&W; and the CJ 2500 is a consideration for me with possibly the CJ 17LS preamp.
I have tested with several amp including Conrad johnson mf2500 Classe CA201, Proceed HPA 2, krell 300i, sim audio W5, audio research 100, and ML 335. I am looking for neutral to warm sound ML is the best combination of all the amp I had listen to but it is out of my budget range, Conrad johnson came close to its sound but not near as perfect as the ML classe sound good at the beginning but getting bored later on because of too much midrange and vocal no bass, simm w5 is very good tight bass and everything but kind of bright for me proceed is just a hometheater amp if you are interested. Get back to the speaker cable I am looking for warm to neutral sound any suggestion. jcraigo what are you driving with your BW speaker right now?
I am using audioquest but wouldn't recommend it. If you want to go warmer I would suggest Cardas golden cross. There is a lot of cardas for sell here at audiogon.
I wanted to also add that my plans are to go with tube preamp. I know that will make it warm.
Jcraig6, what is your current amp right now? and what kind audioquest cable are you usinng? And have you listen to any other amp?
I am using Marantz MA 700 mono's. There ok but not great. I have those until I can upgrade. I did bring home Jeff Rowland 112. It was close to perfect for me. I immediately heard how much better the Jeff Row was. I wanted just a little more warmth and perhaps with with cardas cables and a better pre it would be just right. Right now using Yamaha pre outs on receiver. Also demoed at the store an Ayre V-1 amp. Wow! Nothing could be harsh with that amp. When the time is right I'll bring that one home to try.
Audioquest ruby IE. Don't know what on speaker cable.
I used a double run of Kimber 8TC for years with B&W801. I used a tube preamp SonicFrontiers SFL-2 and Aragon 4004. I was very happy with the Kimber.