Need help for ALON I problem


I'm from Bangkok, Thailand. My speaker is ALON I.
One of my ALON I midranges was damaged accidentally. I therefore consult a local authorized distributor which then contacted Nolaspeaker.

I got informed via Thailand's local distributor that ALON I midranges are no longer available anymore. Hopelessly, I tried to reach ACCENT Loudspeaker LTD again in order to ask for confirmation on this issue. I sent them several emails but haven't received any response. What does it mean? Do I have to contact Acarain instead?

1) I know that ALON I use midranges from a particular supplier from Europe (maybe VIFA). It means that I cannot get the ALON I midranges from general DIY suppliers. Am I correct?

2) Is it possible to reach Carl personally via his own email? I hope he may have some ways to help me out.

Please suggest me if you have useful information.

New website with contact information is at following link.

Carl has always been responsive to me, maybe they are at a show or on a vacation. If they no longer make the midrange for the Model 1, maybe you could upgrade both midrange drivers. Keep trying. - Tim
Mitch2 is correct, Carl is great about responding to questions. I have corresponded via email and have talked to Carl on the phone as well. I'm sure he can help. I'd appreciate it if you would post your results, especially if there's a better than stock replacement (perhaps an Alnico replacement). I run a pair of Alon I mkII and would love to milk that last bit of magic out of them.
Yeah it will take some tries to get either Carl or his wife. I called many times to get a part. Keep calling them until someone answers the phone. Also take a picture of the driver and contact madison sound or miller sound to see what they can offer as a replacement. BTW Miller SOund in PA USA can repair drivers for around $50-$65 so you may want to contact them.

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Happy Listening.
Thank you. I keep trying.