Need help fixing a Linn Axis

Does anybody know of Linn Master Tech who can repair old Linn TTs? I'm the original owner of a stock Linn Axis table with Linn Basik LVX tonearm.
The problem is the belt and capstan are no longer aligned resulting in off-speed play and the belt coming off. I have taken it to my local HiFi shop and they have aligned it twice, but this problem is beyond their scope. I can see the capstan is not in proper position. I'd also like a complete inspection of the caps, motor, etc.
If there's an expert (who also has access to parts) I would greatly appreciate a referral. (US only).
Rick at Audio Alternative in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Go to Linn's website and look at their list of US dealers. Find a dealer close to your location. Avoid shipping if at possible.
Brf, I would love to avoid shipping, but the local dealer has tried to fix it twice.
Mofimadness... thanks for the referral. Spoke to Rick and he will look at it, but said it's only worth fixing if it's a simple fix. Said it may have reached it's lifespan.
I'm really attached to this TT as it's been left stock and is in mint cond.
I still love my axis. I wonder how much it would cost to replace. That would help me determine how much to invest in repairs, if they could be done reliably.
yeah, Mapman. That's what I have to decide.
Rick at Audio Alternative said my Linn is in the $1000 to $1500 level of today's TTs. I'm thinking I would spend $300 on repairs.
Based on what my axis cost in 1987 when i bought it plus inflation plus other factors relating to the turntable market since, i suspect the actual cost to equal or exceed performance could be even higher. The axis with the denon dl103r is pretty hard to fault!
Mapman, what is the current problem with ur Axis?
No problem i know of but it is 25 years old. It sounds the best ever still after my most recent round of tweaks including cart, pre-amp, etc.
Lucky you. 25 yrs old and it's still a keeper.
Agree, thanks!

I hope to never have to replace it but everything wears out eventually i suppose.
The beauty of the Linn is that they are forever rebuildable. I am not sure on the Axiss but the LP12 seems to continually evolve with re-designed updates that keep it forever new. I had thought of selling mine a few years ago but plan to keep it and just update what I can when I can. You may ask Rick about a trade up, he has many previously owned tables and once he has yours he can provide you with some options. He has kept my LP12 in a top performance state since day one. If Rick knows any one thing about audio gear it is the Linn Turntables. He has been recommended by many Linn owners on this forum and I have never seen a complaint. He takes ownership of each table that he comes in contact with, investing a pride and the passion to bring it to it's ultimate performance.
My opinion: sell your deck for parts and buy another unit as a replacement. You should be able to find a clean Axis without arm for $300-$350. If you figure shipping two ways, plus parts and labor, and (let's say) $100 for your old unit for parts it will probably be a wash or you might be ahead.

Better yet, sell the deck for parts ($100) and the arm seperately ($250) and use the cash to upgrade to an LP12 Valhalla w/ Ittok arm.
Thank you to the Linn lovers for some good advice. I'm shipping my unit to Rick. Still have the original double-box.
UPDATE... Many thanks to Mofimadness for the referral to Rick at Audio Alternatives. He replaced a bent pulley spindle and added new caps. I'm amazed he had the parts.
You're welcome. Rick does excellent work on Linn turntables and has been doing such, since like 1978. He has quite a large surplus of parts I'm sure.

I'm glad things worked out for you!
The guru of LP12 and AXIS circuit board rebuild is Stan Zeiden at Shelleys Stereo in LA. He does more than repair but upgrades the circuit. He rebuilt my AXIS board and upgraded the fragile 400V rectifier to 1000V 1.5A. He gets LP12 and AXIS boards from all over the world.
Warning to Axis owners , get the rebuild on board asap ! Mine would start on its own and then finally died . I parted it out sadly , but would not buy again.
Warning to Axis owners , get the rebuild on board asap ! Mine would start on its own and then finally died . I parted it out sadly , but would not buy again.