Need help finding tube for blue circle Bc2 amps

My Sylvania JAN-CHS-6SN7W tubes have gone bad on my Blue circle Bc2 mono amps. I can't seem to find them any where at a price under 150.00. I hear there are replacements tubes at a much lower cost but I'm not sure if they are as good as the ones I am replacing. If anyone knows of a good set of tubes for my amps I would be greatful for that information.
Psvane 6SN7's. Buy the best they make. Long break in but one of the best new production tubes out there.
Check out Tube Depot,they have some inexpensive ones!
Thank you very much for your response for tubes I will check them out.
As they are significantly larger than the typical 6SN7, I'd confirm the Psvane tubes will fit in your amplifier. The same holds true for the Shuguang Treasure series.

If you need to look elsewhere for a lower cost tube, consider Raytheon or NOS metal base Shuguang 6N8P, the latter are one of the better buys in tubes.