Need Help finding Speakers Budget 20,000 US

Hi All

Firstly let me give my room Specification:

8 Meters by 8 Meters. Height of the room is 3.2 Meters.

Acoustic Panels everywhere around the room. Its pretty dead.


Clayton M300 Mono Blocks
Bob Carver Black Beauty

Purity Audio Ultra 2 Series
DAC (Need to get one)
CD Player Oppo 95 Modified.

Budget 20,000 US.

I don’t live in USA so difficult to try out some of the US brands.

I am interested in:

Salk Sound Scape 12
Tannoy Kingdom Royal
B&W 800 or 802 N
Evolution Acoustics not sure which model as the company never responds to emails nor does there dealers.
Daedalus Audio

Any other recommendation to go by?

I listen to Allot of Movie Sound Tracks, Classical Epic Music, Sometimes Pop Rock And hip hop. Down tempo, Chill out and Jazz.
If you can stretch your budget and can live with the ultra modern sleek styling...KEF Blade....I have LS50's a very small monitor based on same technology and it is disturbingly good.(Your electronics are VASTLY better than I will EVER afford unless I hit the lottery) Another choice...Vandersteen 5A Carbon(About 25k brand new), Legacy Alexia, or the Wilson Sophia. All which are VERY mesmerizing choices at that price point. Sasha's or Watt Puppy 8's would be fantastic choices used...if you are lucky enough to find them. Vivid Audio B1's are also really cool too. All of these designs I could easily live with the rest of my useful listening life.
Another vote for Daedalus, they are easy to drive, fast and dynamic, detailed but not etched or bright. I have had my speakers for 4 years and they are staying till one of us pegs out, probably me, as I am not made from seasoned hardwood.

I agree with Bo1972 though. You are talking a lot of money here, you have to listen to the speakers first. Lou at Daedalus has a group of owners happy to demo there speakers. If you are interested, give him a call, he is always helpful. I personally prefer this type of Dem over a shop, where time is money. It does'nt really matter which you listen to, as there seems to be a "house sound". Good luck and report back your experience please.
Dragon Vibe, I'm associated with Vapor Audio and if you want full range sound with unlimited dynamic capacity in a gorgeous cabinet, have a look at this.
I'm gonna say something controversial, so here goes. Imo, it's better to go with bigger companies or companies who have been in the business a long time rather than upstart or companies that have only been around for 5-10years. More financially stable, better R&D, higher tech, and better qc for the most part (although all audio equipment can certainly fail no matter who the company is)

Just something to consider...I would go for the B&Ws or Tannoys myself.