Need Help Finding Good Tube Pre-Amp w/Phono

Hi all,

I recently purchased a McCormack DNA-125 amplifier to drive my Vandersteen 3A Signature speakers. I would like to find a nice tube preamp with a phono stage, but I am not sure there are any out there within my budget. It would also be great if the preamp had a headphone stage and switched AC outlets on the back, but they are not required.

Would any of the Audio Research preamps from the '80s/'90s work? My budget is ~ $1,000 dollars. From descriptions I have read, I don't think I would like Conrad Johnson preamps as I enjoy a warmer type of sound. I mostly listen to jazz, British folk and prog rock. Thank you for your help.
I'm a bit confused by your last paragraph. If you like the warmer type of sound you should enjoy the Conrad Johnson sound over the Audio Research. I just picked up a nice VAC Auricle preamp, which has a phono stage in it for ~$1000. However, VAC is articulate and extended in the high's similar to ARC. If you are looking for a warm, old fashioned tubey sound, a CJ or Cary may be your best bet.

You should be able to find plenty of CJ's or Cary's with phono stage for ~$1000. CJ PV-12 or Cary SLP-90 come to mind.
Cary has a lot of models with headphone amps built in too. However, I don't know of any model off hand that has a phono stage AND a headphone stage.