Need help finding good quality spades that accept larger gauges

I am going to re-terminate my older Purist bi-wired speaker cables because the spades that came on the cable are too small and only fit half-way up the binding post of my B&W 802's.  Each of the four tails on the speaker wire side are somewhat robust and I believe have more than one wire running under the casing.  I am going to estimate maybe as big as 6 or as small as 8 or 9 gauge total. Need to find a quality spade so I can move forward with my project.  I know I can send my cables back to Purist but I feel I am very capable of doing it myself once I find the right hardware.  thanks for your help, Jim 
Parts Connexion.

I like the spring loaded WBT spades a great deal, rock solid lock even with hard metal terminals.

If you go with a solid, low tech spade, make sure you get a big enough crimp tool to create the right amount of pressure.
I have used the Furez spades for a situation where I was co-joining a bi-wire set of two huge gauge speaker wires with a single spade at the amp end.  I like that they are solid copper and seem well-built.
I also like Furutech's FP-201 (R or G).  Their FT-211 or CF-201 may work but I have not used them.