Need help finding atypical integrated amp

Hey guys,

I've been an audiophile for about 20 years and am a former industry vet, but I have a need for a product that I can't seem to find.

In short, due to space/wife requirements, I need to give up my Audio Research gear and move to an integrated amp. In the process, I'm giving up an amp, pre-amp, DAC and outboard phono pre-amp. I'm not going to kid myself that going from separate to an integrated will get me the same kind of performance, especially with my budget, but those are the breaks.

Anyway, I'm looking for an integrated (one chassis) amp that can do all of the following at some level:

* Would like to have a toslink digital input
* Need to have analog (RCA) inputs (at least one)
* Would like to have a built-in phono pre-amp
* Need to have a pre-amp out for use with a powered sub
* Need to have a remote
* Needs to be compatible with use in a cabinet... a "class d" or similar design would be preferable
* Needs to be QUIET (using with 101 db sensitive Zu Druids)
* Needs to be in the $2,000-$2,500 range

For the life of me, I can't find anything that meets these specs. I've found ones close... Peachtree Nova has all but the phono... NAD 375 has all but the digital input... TacT 2150 has all but phono... Rega Mira 3 has all but the digital input... Cairn 100 range with modular components might work, but I can't find enough info on them to pursue it.

Does anyone have any ideas? I know I'm asking for a lot, but considering so many products come close, I'm hoping there's a "hidden gem" out there that I'm just missing.

Thanks for the help!
The Outlaw RR2150 receiver comes close to meeting all of your specifications, except I think it has a USB rather than a Toslink input. What is your digital source? If it's a computer, then this might just work for you. Although it is significantly less than your $2000-2500 price range.

Also, there are some physically very small DAC's and phono preamps. Coupling one of these with an integrated amp gives much more flexibility.

Two of the ones you might consider are the Musical Fidelity V-DAC and the Dynavector P 75 phono stage. I use/have used both and they are small and give great performance.
if you reaLLY have you heart set on a one box solution, you could opt for a really good used avr like an arcam or b&k, which has all your requirements in a box and, truth be told, probably would sound about as good as the integrateds you're considering.
Bel Canto S300iu except like others are pointing out no toslink, but USB dac instead. it also has a phono module option according to the user manual.
Sorry my bad usb dac OR phono...
You might consider a Vac Avatar. They don't get that hot, and I bet you won't find it a step down in performance. The Zu's are efficient so no issues there. No Toslink but Vac may be able to add one (I know they do mods by request), or maybe you can add a DAC w/ RCA's.
Manley Stingray II
Thanks for the responses guys. A few thoughts (and why you can see I'm having such a hard time)...

Vac Avatar was $3,500 in 2000. Not sure what it is now, but it's probably well over my budget range. And I already own a Rogue tube amp... it gets way too hot, and it's rolled off at the ends (I keep it in the bedroom system).

Manley Stingray... an interesting option, but same issues as above.

Bel Canto... this might be a contender, actually. I can't have both the DAC and the phono input though, so I'm on the fence (it would mean one more box, which I'm trying to avoid).

The Outlaw Receiver is a good suggestion... it does check off all the boxes except the digital input. Can't say I'm wild about the styling, and I was looking for something a little higher-end, but it's an interesting option on the cheap.

Thanks again guys... these are all helpful to keep me thinking. Keep 'em coming!
So, last night I thought I found the solution. I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of Harmon/Kardon AVRs (though I do like the styling), but check out this new integrated bad boy:

It's got everything, and it's been well reviewed:

(5 Stars)

(EISA Amp of the Year)

Here's the only catch... it's not freaking available in the U.S., dammit!

Oh sure, the U.S. site has a page built for it, but you can't get to it through the regular site navigation, and you can't buy it through any US retailers (only Europe).

Based on the connectivity, Harmon's rep and the positive reviews, I would have probably bought this thing on the spot, but now I'm back where we started... unless someone thinks I can get some kind of UK/US power converter or something? I'm going to try to contact H/K in the meantime...
Harmon Kardon has a 2 channel reciever, HK 3490 that meets all your requirements:
Here's another one I found last night that's close...

Denon RCD-CX1:

Checks off all the boxes (and adds SACD player), except for having a digital input of any kind. Not sure of sound quality, though...
Yeah, I did see that, but it looks a good bit down-market (right down to the plastic speaker terminals)... I can't even find a picture of the interior parts.

Anyone know if it's possible to use a product with a UK power supply in the US? Maybe some kind of voltage converter or something?
how about a used bryston b100 with built in dac. Not sure if you can get a phono built in as well.
The Bryston sounds interesting, but I can't find a clean shot of its back panel to see what kind of inputs it has... looks like it actually might have a phono input, too???
We seem to be on a similar journey, though I'm just beginning to look for an integrated with phono stage.

For the Bryson, the phono and digital are modular addition options. See here: Bryson info

Alas, it will run you ~$4,000+ new.

There is also, of course, the new NAIM digital amp, but that is also in the $5,000 range.
I think the phono module for the bryston b100 cost $400 to add.
The B100 definitely looks like what I'm after, but I just can't swing $5k... I could go up to $3k, but I'm just not seeing anything.

Oh, and over the weekend I received this from a Harman/Kardon rep:

"Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, HK990 is not available in the USA or Canada. This is strictly sold overseas on 220 volt countries and it is not available here."
So with that reply, I asked a few other questions, and got the following...

"There are no plans to release this product in USA because this is international product. Yes, you can use a step-up transformer for use in the U.S. Regarding the availability in Japan, you need to contact the concerned dealer in Japan."

Anyone had any luck with step-up transformers for use in audio?
Just found this out from H/K:

"We've just learned that the HK990 unit will be available here in the USA starting sometime in the fall. Until then, I am sorry to say, it will not be available."

Now, who knows if it'll actually show up, or if it'll magically disappear... ;)