Need help finding album-cleaning software, please

I've been burning some of my old vinyl to CD for a while now, and I think I've got a good idea of what I want. I've uesed both the Roxio and Nero products with only limited success, and don't know where to turn for further advice. What I am looking for is some sort of "user-friendly" software (non-pro) in which I can manually clean-up the small clicks and pops still present in the recording (and, yes, I have a good cleaning machine- a VPI 16.5). I'm thinking along the lines of software that samples the recording and then presents it visually, like a 'scope or a waveform. I remember I saw on TV once something like this where you could select a track, play it, and at a "click" you could visually see the transient. Then you could choose that section of the track and then manually smooth out the transient spike. Unfortunately I don't remember anything else about it. Can anybody help me out with some real-life experience? Or do you know someone who has? I've got some very precious (at least, to me they are) tracks I want to clean-up and take with me! Thanks in advance. Jim
I've gotten two private emails asking the same question, so I should probably add: I'm running Windows XP on a dedicated (NOTHING else on this computer) P4 running at 2.0 Ghz, 700+ MB RAM, and 80Ghz HD. It's got a sound card that supports 24/96, but I forget the brand name. It's networked to this computer as a back-up, but it's primary function is burning CD's. Thanks again!
Hi Jim,

I am a "Computer Geek" and have performed a fair amount of research on this subject, including posts on this and other message boards.

I haven't purchased a turntable yet, so I cannot give you any personal experience. Here's a list of music rippers from The Record Collectors Guild.

Many people really liked and highly recommended Audio Cleaning Lab from MAGIX - check out the details of what this software can do (for a pretty fair price - $39.99 for the shrink-wrap & $29.99 for the download)! This is what I plan to buy when I have the rest of my setup.

I hope this is helpful.