Need help determining NOS Tubes value, 95 tubes

I need to sell a large box of NOS tubes from my works storage and I dont know much about tubes. I would like to pull those with value to Audiogon members and list them in the classified section. I have a friend of a friend who has a tube tester. But due to time, number, and fees I only want to test those worth something. The rest will go as a lot or two on Ebay. I was able to find 11 matching types for sale but I know that # alone does not determine value. Can anyone help me sort the gold from the junk? And what is a good $ to ask? I dont want to give them away, I just want a fair price for the good ones. Thanks.

Model # Brand Quantity Notes

Small Tubes

6BQ5 / EL84 RCA 2 Boxed
5879 RCA 1 Boxed
6CA4 RCA 2 Boxed
6AU8A RCA 3 Boxed
6BQ7A 2 RCA 1 GE 3 Boxed
6X4 GE 2 Boxed
6AQ5A GE 2 Boxed
12AT7 Mullard 3 Boxed master
ECC83 / 12AX7 Mullard 9 Heath G.B.
6BQ7A Hitachi 12 Japan
6BH6 Hitachi 10 Japan
6C4 ? 1 USA
6EJ7 / EF184 Zenith 1 Holland

Medium Tubes

6SQ7GT RCA 1 Boxed
4H-4C Amperite 1 Boxed
6J7 RCA 1 Boxed
6V6 RCA 1 Boxed
6SC7 RCA 2 Boxed
5692 RCA 2 Boxed
7N7 RCA 2 Boxed
7F7 RCA 2 Boxed
N709 Genalex 2 Boxedpairgold
6V6GTY Sylvania 1 Boxed
BX1000 Burroughs 3 Boxed
931-A RCA 1 Boxed
5V4GA RCA 1 Boxed
OC3 RCA 5 Boxed
5AS4A / 5U4GB Sylvania 2 USA
6CA7 Amperex 4 Boxed
6AS7GA GE 5 Boxed
6JN6 Sylvania 1
6SN7 / WGT Raytheon 1
6SJ7 RCA 1
12SK7 Ken-Rad 1
6AY3B Zenith 1

Large Tubes

6AS7 G RCA 1 Boxed
83 RCA 3 Boxed
KT 66 Emitron / Genalex 2 Boxed 1 each


7009 Burroughs 1 Boxed Nixie
Your best bet would be to call Andy at vintage tube services. He's one of the best in the business.
Check out his website or call 616 454 3467
hope this helps
Thanks to those that sent PM and have expressed interest in certain tubes. Special thanks to Restock for all the links. I fould all but 2 of the tubes on It took awhile but now I have a good starting price for all of them (of course his are fully documented). Now I need to do a test on those that are higher dollar (one pair is super rare $, most are not). I have been told the tester avaliable is very basic but at least it will show they work. I believe most are totally NOS. Most in boxes, some bulk stock. It will take a week or so before I list in the classified, but when I do I will give first picks to those that showed early interest. Again thanks, now I have a good idea which tubes are most used in gear today.
Well last night I started testing. The tester used is pretty basic, but it did the job. Some tested excellent, most ok, and a few bad. So it was definately worth the time. The few high dollar ones I might retest on a more comprehensive tester that has been offered to me. Not sure yet if I want to bother testing those worth under $10. The people I met last night gave a lot of info and comments that are helpful to someone that is just learnig about tubes. Its amazing the hugh $ range that they go for.
I have some tubes that I cant find settings for on this tester. It is a Eico 625. Of them I would like to test the #83 tubes as they seem to have value. Does any one know what to set the tester for?