Need help deciding; Rotel RB-1070, Anthem pva-2 NA

Good day all my fellow audio enthusiast/nuts, This is my first time posting on this forum even though I am here at least twice a week reading all of your opinions and views on various equipment. I am trying to make a decision as to which 2 channel amp I should purchase for my system. The purpose will be primarily for music listening; home theater is secondary. I am currently using a Harman Kardon DPR-2005 to drive all channels; however, I will be replacing the main front channels with the new Amp, I will continue to drive the center and rears with the HK. My main speakers are a pair of Wharfedale Opus ones, the will be the recipients of the new power amp. I have auditioned an NAD-C272 and A Rotel RB 1070 and like the sound of both. Although I haven't been able to hear the Anthem pva-2 or the Parasound New Classic 2125, I have read favorable reviews on both. With your opinion, my decision will be cemented. Your opinions and advice will be much appreciated. Responses can also be sent to my e-mail address at

I know I'm a little late to the discussion but have to chime in as I own both a RB 1070 and Parasound 2125.  They are not even close.  The Rotel is highly detailed with a great soundstage. The 2125 doesn't sound bad but head to head there is no contest.  The Rotel is leaps and bounds better amp. 
If I were to choose between the four I would choose the Parasound. I do have a Quad 909 and am very happy with it, as another option for you.