Need help deciding on Rotel Amp for 5.2 sys

Our home theater was created on a single income Family budget. When it's my turn for a good action packed LOUD movie, there seems to be a lack of power for me. Listed below is my set up. The amplifier I am going to purchase will be the last good effort before retirement next year. Fixed income will not allow the goodies. Thank you.

Room size: 11 ft wide(Monitor) x 25 long (seats)
Integra 50.3 7.2 bi-amped front
B&W Speakers 684 Towers (bi-amp) Front L/R
CM60 Center
8 in. ceiling
Klisch Sub Two 10 in. power subs

Should I buy a 3 channel for the front and use 130 watts on two rear ceiling speakers?

Buy 5 channel 200 watt and only use the Integra for the pre amp?

Would like to buy a pre owned upper end unit.

Thank you

Surround speakers typically don't need a ton of power, they are used for atmospherics more than anything on a movie track. That would mean a 3-channel amp might suit your needs, but those amps are a little more rare on this site than the 5-channel variety, and you'll be able to sell the 5-channel amp more easily, I think, if you don't like it. If it were me I'd go with a 5-channel amp, because I don't like the idea of the power coming from two different sources in the rack.
Regarding brands, research Parasound, Anthem, Emotiva, Proceed, and Outlaw, don't just go to Rotel. I've been there are better sound is available for not too much more $$$. Also consider the availability of local service in your area, if possible. I try to only buy used gear that can be serviced locally. Amps are fairly simple to work on, but still I'd make a few calls.
As mentioned don't just look at Rotel.

Here is a 5-channel B&K that should mate very well with your B&W's and offer tons of headroom to blow you out of your seat.

There are also a couple of Proceed Amp 5's for sale here on Audiogon that will easily complement your system.

Totally agree on the B&K brand, had intended to mention them but was at work. Hence the typos in my previous post. I also have B&Ws in a home theater, and also suffer from a lack of power. I have chosen to place all my attention into the two channel system for now, so my HT sound is still lacking, but only have so much to spend. Please post how you decide to go so I might live vicariously.
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Are you running the left, center and right speakers full range?
I agree with Bob. The front speakers should not be running full range, as this will be a waste of power since the speakers will have very little or no output in the low bass range. Did you manually set a crossover for the front or just do auto set up? Also, what is the model of the Klipsch subwoofers?
If , as you insinuate , this is just for H/T I would not get caught up in the quality of the amp . Just go with decent amplification at the lowest price possible . I have the Rotel 1095 5 channel amp at 200 watts per channel . I find it more than sufficient for H/T use . It replaced an Integra receiver . While the Integra was ok the Rotel was better and had a lot more power . I found the rear channel speakers , which are often the furthest away , took considerably more power from the Integra to come up to equal the fronts . Remember , receiver wattage is not equal to straight amp wattage . It is not even close !
If , however , you plan to use this equipment for 2 channel listening also , then kindly ignore this reply and take the good advise above .

Good luck
Just my personal experience, in my HT system, Denon AVR/all B&W/HSU sub, I preferred the LCR at full range, I just thought it sounded better. YMMV. Of course now, I have absconded with my sub to the two-channel room in the basement, don't even have a sub in the HT and don't really miss it all that much. Most nights when we're watching movies, the kids are asleep upstairs, and the wife plays volume games with me throughout the movie...
If I read right that you are running an 8" in ceiling speaker for center channel, more power to that speaker is not going to do much in that room size. I fear you are at quite a distance from a down firing speaker as well. Your setup may work better at high volumes without the center. Consider that and possibly adding a nice 2ch amp for the mains which are a low 87db sensitive.