Need help deciding complete analog turntable set-up with Classe and B&W HT

Hi folks,
I’ve done a lot of research, but remain torn on what to buy, and I’m thinking that knowing what it’s going into may influence recommendations, so here goes.

After years of trading up and buying new I have assembled:
Classe SSP-600 preprocessor
Classe CA-5200 5X200 watts amp
B&W 803 Matrix S2 fronts
B&W 805 Matrix S2 CC and rears
PurePower 2000 AC regeneration
Sound Anchor stands for all of the above

Vinyl - about 90 LPs (only) that were bought in 70s, early 80s, played once and recorded to a cassette (yes, I’m dating myself), and have been stored ever since. Artists range from Trower and Tull to Zep to Bonnie Raitt to Dave Mason to Allman Bros to Jazz instrumentals (Ronnie Laws, Brubeck, Spyro Gyra) and vocalists (Benson, etc), to Stevie Ray, Hendrix, and some classical - really all over map.

I know I need TT (+arm+cart), and a phono preamp (SSP lacks this), but not sure about external PSU / speed-box. All I listen to is 33 1/3 LPs, have no desire / need for 78s or 45s.The problem is I have not really narrowed in on a price-range - I’m thrashing back and forth between sub $2,000 and $1,000-ish all in, but after several months of lurking-to-learn, it seems like $2K may not be enough cash for a setup that matches other equip, and $1K may disappoint.

I’ve seen used VPI Nomads for several hundred (all in) while also reading opinions that say buy nothing VPI below Scout. I’ve perused Regas from P1 on up, but pairing a P3 or P5 with a Lehman Black Cube phone pre-amp the $$ adds up fast. Linn LP 12 regraded as bargain stalwart vintage, but $1,000+ usually without arms and carts, so we’re quickly knocking on $2K again. There’s not much local here in Melbourne Beach FL for refurbished higher-end components.

Can someone help narrow my thinking - I’ve not "done" vinyl since early 1980s.
You really are at a crossroads. I re-entered analog around 12 years ago now, thinking I could get by with an inexpensive Project 'table, Sumiko cart, and Dynavector phono stage. It wasn't long before dissatisfaction reared its ugly head. It wasn't until later on, that I learned my lack of knowledge regarding cartridge/arm setup was one of the main causes of my problems.

Whatever you get to start with, make sure your set up is good, before you decide what you have is junk, and start upgrading.

It took years for me learn how to get the most from my analog front end, but that's me. You may already have learned these things, I wound up learning out of necessity. Only you know what is acceptable to you, and what you are willing in invest in dollars, and becoming educated in what it takes for great vinyl sound reproduction.

Hopefully someone can give you concrete ideas on where to spend your hard-earned sheckels. You have to start somewhere (or not!), so stick your toes in the water. Try to visit some shops that have various levels of components to listen to, and get a sense of where to start.

Good luck!