Need help copying cds

Does anyone out there know how to eliminate the time gap when copying cds? Some classical, minimal music and especially live recordings don't have gaps between cuts on the originals, but when I make copies, I get a fraction of a second space between cuts. Thanks.
If you are using your computer, there is software out there that includes an option not to insert spaces. Feurio is one.
In your burning software be sure to choose the option to burn DAO (Disc At Once). When a disc is burned DAO, the .wav files are written to the blank CD all in one step without the laser stopping. You are more than likely burning TAO (Track At Once) now, which stops the laser after each track is written. The laser stopping is what inserts the gaps of slience between each track.
You can also copy the whole disc at once with CloneCD or Nero.

KP is right. When I use ahead Nero 5, I also use the cddb function on the disk at once. This gives me a copy that has cd text written into it. This helps a lot when you use a player that is cd text enabled. In many respects, I prefer the cd text copies to the originals.
Maybe you guys can help with some questions:

I have made backup recordings at 40x,32x, 24x, and s8x. The high speed recordings seem to sound fine. I use an athlon 1800 w/512mb, EAS 52x cd, tdk 40x cdr, 15K scsi hd, and Nero 5, windows 2000 pro, and norton antivirus. I copy to hard disk before writing.

1. Why do I get these 'static' patches on recorded cdr's ? One person commented that it could be that you can get this when you use your computer (which I occasionally do) while recording. It happens on perhaps 2% of my recordings. Some at high (40x), and some at low(8x) speeds.

2. These drives supposedly can make a cd in under five minutes, yet I seem to take 8-10 minutes, even at the highest speed and even when copying on the fly from cd to cdr.

3. Is it true that if you first copy to hard disk then to cdr you will have a better copy ?

4. Does recording speed have much of an impact on sound quality ? I haven't done exhaustive comparisons, but the 40x recordings sound good to me.

Do you use any of the advanced options in nero? Such as 48k, jitter correction, remove silence, or digital audio extraction? Do you enable auto-protect in norton or disable it when burning? Which asapi version are you using, is your scsi controller adaptec?

Some older burners do not have the option to change the automatic placing of time between tracks
Hi Patrick,
1. I just use copy to copy without any of the mentioned options.
2. Adaptec 39160 controller with adaptec 3960D Ultra 160m driver. Two scsi drives for os, and two ide's for storage.
3. I leave norton virus protection on at all times.
4. I don't know the isapi version. I'll check at home. I always apply all os and crit update service packs.
John 1,

Did you forget to Zerostat and Gruv Glide the disc prior to inserting it?? HE HE.

Just had to be a smart ass one time.

Happy listening,
John 1,

Try turning off norton anti-virus while you are burning (but be sure to turn it back on as soon as you are done..and only burn cd dont do anything else like check email or internet). I have had issues where it comes on to scan a cd in the middle of burning or scan the hd. You can also try downloading Nero's version of the asapi (if you are using xp then create a system restore point before you do this). I also had issues when I was using roxio and adaptec controllers, the roxio had a different version and made my scsi act funny. You should also try saving the tracks to your hard drive using the file encoding or save tracks as commands and then you can convert them to wav (I use the jitter correction, takes more time but seems to work a little better). I have had very good luck doing it this way. When you are using the cd to cd option it is reading and then copy bit by bit, you can get error's this way. If both your cd's are ide and not scsi then the error correction is not as robust. I have also had even better results with exact audio copy. This shareware program seems to work really well.
Thanks for all your help everyone.