Need help connecting a single subwoofer to amp.


I have a Rotel RSX-1065. I tried to connect a single subwoofer to it's subwoofer output the following way:

1) Used a Y-connector to the Subwoofer out of RSX-1065
2) Connected stereo interconnect to the Y-connector
3) Connected the interconnet to an ADCOM 545 power amplifier
4) Connected the two speaker output wires from the ADCOM 545 to the same binding posts of the subwoofer.

When I turned the ADCOM on it blew a fuse. What gives ? How can I do this ? Can I just connect one channel of the ADCOM to the subwoofer and leave the other unused ? Is it ok to run just one channel of the ADCOM and not use the other ove long lengths of time ? What is the best way to do this.

Oh yes, my subwoofer is the VMPS Subwoofer and the Y-connector says that it is "Balanced" (whatever that means).

Any help will be appreciated.

You have one sub out on your receiver so you run a y splitter into the two input of the Adcom, you then hook a pair of speaker cables to a stereo sub..sounds right to me. Passive sub needs an amp and amp need a signal. Something wrong with the Adcom? If you only run one amp channel to a stereo sub it will only output half as it has two voice coil setup and is the reason for two inputs.

The subwoofer is not stereo. It has one set of binding posts where I connected the two speaker wires from the ADCOM. I suspect this may have something to do with this or perhaps with the Y-connector being "balanced". Regardless though, I may avoid all of this if I used a single input from the RSX-1065 to a single input of the ADCOM and finally a single speaker wire to my mono sub. This avoid the Y-connector and the "biwiring" to the single binding psots of the sub. I am just concerned that running one channel of the amp may damage it. Any thooughts ?

If the sub just has one input, you will not need a Y or both channels. Your amp will be fine with the unused channel. I have Vmps stereo sub with two input.