Need help choosing sufficient reciever

Hey guys, Looking for brand and model numbers of newer recievers (couple years)that can handle my needs.
I originally was looking for 6.1, but now I realize 6.1 isnt the same setup that i had thought, thinking 2 front, 2 side, and 2 rear (not a center channel kind of guy). and 7.1, well, after thinking, dont really have the space anyways because I use Monsoon fpf series floor speakers (hibrid ribbons designed by maggie designer/bi-ampable). Even though I live in a large warehouse artist style loft, where noise is no problem, I still have an open floor plan and dont really need the extra "furniture" in the way.

Doesnt matter to me new or used, as long as I get a good deal for the buck ya know. So models that can handle the "newer" decoding of video and such is needed, what ever is most popular on movie releases. My monsoons are low impeedence. So I need something that can drive them. I like my music loud at times, so I need something with high current/ high wattage preferred. I've got 2k sq. ft. of open space and I like to jam. THE RECIEVER MUST HAVE AN ADJUSTABLE EQ BUILT IN. (multiband eq) I like my lows engolfing, and my highs crisp, but not too bright. My monsoons are a bit bright and the mids are a bit too much for my taste. Generally I have a minor frown shape programmed in my eq's.

I had a great old school JVC from the early/mid 90's, one of thier flagships, I think it was $1100 back then. It drove these speakers well, and produced the best bass i've probobly ever heard. It had the 7 band sea EQ, and cranked fairly well. Replaced it with a newer pioneer (hundred off ebay, was 400 at stores), but no eq, and cant drive my bass in my speakers, I have to rely on my sub. Mids are too overwhelming. Just overall unsatisfied results. (the monsoons produced better purer lows than my dahlquist pdq1500 sub).

So please guys, take a second and recommend me some brand + models of recievers that you think will fit my bill. EQ, high watts, excellent chanel seperation/ decoders,warm, 5.1 or better, and low impeedence drive (4ohm). (thinking 5.1 is best since I can get best deals on or find flagships couple years older on ebay used for under 300+/_)

Thank you gentlemen.

What you are asking for is a B&K AVR505, but it is far beyond your budget.

What is near your budget is a used Outlaw 1050.
You really shouldnt need an EQ, most systems that are so called high fi dont even have tone controls, and if they do most who know how to get the most out of the gear dont use them anyway....just a thought to think about.
I also see next to no affordable reciever that can supply your power hungry speakers with near enough current.