Need help choosing speakers to replace my B&W 606s

I currently have a 5.2 system that I mainly use as a home theater. I have a Yamaha RX-A1080 receiver, the B&W speakers with a center, and two SVS-2000 subs. I am looking to replace my 606s with something more impressive; more soundstage and clarity. I want to keep using my receiver; hence, I don't want something that is difficult to drive. My room size is 12' x 13'. lastly, my budget is up to $1500 but I am willing to build my own cabinets so I am mainly looking for kits at the moment. 

These are the speaker kits that I am choosing from at the moment:

Right now I am leaning towards full range drivers because of the convenience, but I can't convince myself. Would appreciate some advice and suggestions. Thanks.
The problem isn't in your speakers! The problem is with the receiver. Add an integrated into your system with HT bypass then you can enjoy the best of both worlds.
I don't know, I have heard a lot of mixed information about this. Some say amps make a huge difference, while other say that only trained ears can tell the difference. I don't consider myself to have a "trained ear" so I want something that will make a difference for my ears. 
I have an idea that might interest you. If you’re looking for “more soundstage and clarity” you’ll get that in spades from the Scan-Speak B741 Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek (as in PBN speakers). I had these speakers in my system on demo built by Peter himself, and they were truly outstanding in terms of detail, neutrality, and a wide open 3D soundstage with tight and tuneful room-shaking bass. Also, I drove them to very loud levels with my 100Wpc stereo amp so there’s a good possibility your Yammy can do a respectable job. BTW, I’ve heard your AVR driving B&W804D3s and it sounded surprisingly amazing, so I don’t think keeping it for a while is such a bad thing. But I do agree replacing it eventually with a good integrated or separates will get you more, and the B741 will certainly scale up and reward you accordingly as its capabilities and limits are very high.

The bad news: The kit costs about $3500 from Madisound for the crossover and drivers. But, the crossover alone is “only” $1200, and Peter (being Peter) used Scan-Speak’s top Illuminator drivers in the kit, so if you chose still very good but less costly drivers it’d cost a lot less and probably still sound close to the full Monty kit. Anyway, probably a nutty idea, but since I got to hear the speakers and they offer so much of what you’re looking for I thought I’d throw it out there FWIW. Best of luck in your search.
The Satoris are an excellent choice.  Keep your sub, plug the satoris.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tweeter is MUCH smoother than the B&W, you may feel they are a little too laid back at first.

No, don't do full range drivers for movies. Go multi-way or go home. :) Get a full ranger for your desktop.

Also, you should ask this at - Lots of builders there.
That does sound amazing Soix, but I think it's more than I can handle at the moment. I wonder if there is a similar version with less drivers?