Need help choosing speakers

Hello all., I need help choosing between a pair of acoustic zen adigio for $1500 and a pair of  Martin Logan sequel 2 for $850 from a local Crl. What would be the choice for the sound and the money. Tia 
I see your other threads asking similar questions.  What did you choose six months ago, and why are you shopping again?  What about the ones you chose isn't working for you?  

I chosen the spendor but they were sold
Have you listened to either?  Buying speakers without auditioning them can sometimes be very disappointing.   Sometimes you get lucky but I strongly suggest listening to a number of different speakers 
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Drag them home and try them both out.

Or drag your amp and source to the store and try them both out.

Then, buy the pair you like best.

Good luck.

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Thank you James and every1 else for the advices
It all depends on the size of your room and more importantly on the amplifier that you have. But all that aside, the AZ speakers are probably much easier speakers to live with.