Need Help Choosing New Speakers

Hey Guys,
Im new at this so any honest information will help. Im looking to get a new pair of bookshelf/floor speakers for both audio and video. I would like to keep the price below 1000.00 for the pair. So far Im looking at the JL Lab Chorus 707S and the 714S along the B&W CM2 and the DM603 S3. For all-around use what do you guys think would be the best bang for the buck? With time I would like to add a matching center speaker and some kind of sub. What other brands should I look at for the price? Thank you so much for your help!
I would strong suggest you look into PSB's full line. Highly regarded and a lot of bang for your buck(s).

Paul S Barton is a great designer who produces an honest and affordable AND great sounding product, IMHO.

Good luck.
I checked out the B&W 603's against the Jm Lab 707s's and bought the Jm Labs. Excellent speakers, i just think the world of them.

Im running a pair of Velodyne subwoofers with them, set the crozzover to 60 and never looked back. excellent performance and a great match
Take a look at Klipsch RF-7's used. Great for HT and good for 2 channel with proper electronics. Regards
I just helped a friend purchase speakers and she ended up with the JM 707s. I was very impressed with them. They are easy to drive and sound great. No real faults jumped out at me. As I stated in another post, I think you could do a lot worse. The JMs are a solid buy.

I'd junp on a pair of new 'B' stock PSB Stratus Minis for
for $799 at Upscale Audio:
Good Luck,
I bought a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1 bookshelf monitors and have been very pleased. They are worth a listen. They retail for $1000, I bought mine for $700 as demo. They show up on Audiogon periodically for 500-700. You can then move them to be surrounds later with larger VS models in front, or just add another VR-1 in the center. Good Luck!
There's no comparison between JM and B&W in this price range. JM takes the cake in every area.
I like magnepan and Omega loudspeakers in the $1k and under price range.
Von Schweikert VR-1 is an incedible speaker for the $$$. Compares to many $1,500 speakers. Can be placed most anywhere. Can be powered with modest gear. VR-2 is the floorstanding upgrade. They also have dipole/bipole surround speakers and a center channel that are not bad.

Martin Logan subwoofers are a big bang for the buck. Dynamo-$600, Grotto-$1,000, Depth $1,800, Descent-$2,800.
Grotto gives servo control, 25Hz level control, and same 10" woofer used in flagship sub.