Need help choosing new speakers

I�ve been wanting to try some different speakers and would like some advice. My current system is:

Levinson 383
Cary 303/200
B&W 805
REL Strata III

My room is 19�X13� and I listen from 8� to 10� from speakers which are about 5� out from the short wall. I listen to rock and blues mostly.

I enjoy the sound that I�m getting but I�m not being draw into the music. Would like more feeling and emotion a more involving sound for no more than $2000 or $3000 used. Thanks in advance.
I think you'll be surprised at what will happen if you pull the N805's out of the system and replaced them with some revel M20's. Completely different, and I think better, sound. Otherwise, have you listened to the N804's?
If you want toe tapping, forget where you are sound add the Soliloquy 5.3s,6.0s (monitors)or 6.3s to your shortlist.You can probably get either one new under $3000.00.I listen to alot of Blues,Jazz,and Rock.I can hear Eric Clapton as he turns his head and his voice bleeds of into a mic on the far right of the stage.Your system will be a great match for any of them.Good Luck with your search.
I think you need some tube equipments in your system......
Edle maybe on to something.Tubes will take you up a notch in the emotions department.
Tubes might add to the system as the Nautilus' are basically a monitor like speaker and output whatever signal you give them. The Levinson is a great amp, but has no emotion as well, it just outputs what you give it. You could either change out the amp to something with tubes or go with a more emotional speaker. I had the N805s and liked them alot, but decided to change to JM Labs Mini Utopias. A used pair of Micro Utopias or maybe even Mini Utopias if you get lucky might be in your price range. I assume that these would give you more emotion. I would try this first. If this was not to your liking, you could always change out the amp and go with something else. Maybe some other Cary Gear or if you like SS, then maybe Plinius or Sim Audio. Good luck, if you have any question please feel free to email me and I have a lot of experience with similar gear.
Thought I'd also throw in my 2 cents:

I have similair room dimensions and I'm currently enjoying a pair of Coincedent Super Eclipse. They sound great & look nice. They can be had between 2800 - 3200 on Audiogon.

They should be used with tubes and they are very efficient.

Tubes would be a great addition to your system if you'd rather play with it that listen to it! The equipment you have is fine! I've had tubes and I can't imagine what it would take to go back?!?
Now about speakers (that was what your thread was about wasn't it?) Revel makes several fine models. I listened to some of their Studio's last weekend and they sounded great, but for $12,000 they better. Fortunately the technology trickles down. Check out the 20's. The Silverline Sonata's also come around from time to time, used in the range you're looking. If you want to do something completely different try a pair of Mangepan 1.6's. They are a great, inexpensive planer speaker.
My two cents, good luck!
Harbeth Compact 7 ES. Under $2000.00 new/with metal stands on Audiogon.
Assume you want a more romantic, less analytic sound. A couple of thoughts:
1. You may want to try a simple tweak. I have cheaper B&W's and thought they can be too forward at times. One thing I have done is to add an AH! LS Noise Killer filter to my system. THis is a $50 filter you connect to the tweeter terminals. It slightly rolls the highs and warms up the sound. Did not diminish the resolution of the speaker in my case and made a nice improvement for me. Only negative is that I do not think they are returnable if they don't work.
2. If you want a different sound, try auditioning Spendors. Since you have a subwoofer, the S3/5 might even work in your room.
3. You may also want to consider Proac speakers. Not as warm as the Spendors, but nice speakers with the right gear.
4. Make sure your cables are good matches for your system and are not adding any brightness. If you're using any silver or even Kimber cables, you may want to try something warmer like MIT or Harmonic Tech.
5. Tubes may also work. I use tubes with my B&W's and solid state with my Spendor S3/5's.
Nice system. Have you thought about adding a second subwoofer? I have a pair of B&W CDM 1NT's I run with two Snell subwoofers. I mainly listen to rock music and I think the setup sounds great. You might want to play with the crossover setting and output level with your current sub to give yourself a little more impact in the bass. I never really enjoyed my setup with rock music until I had the whole bass thing under control.