Need help choosing mono blocks solid state amplifiers

I need help...  I am considering a set of Mark Levinson ML-2 mono amplifiers to drive my Amphion Krypton 2 loudspeakers.  I just saw a set of Spread Spectrum Technologies Ampzilla 2000 mk 2.  I remember the sound of the ML-2 being very very good.  Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated!  My preamp is a Vitus.  I would get a Vitus amp but I really can't afford that at the moment.


Cascadia hi.

ML-2’s amps, maybe the best they made (or anyone in fact), beautiful real Class A sound, not just high bias. They will drive hideous loads. They’re not a party animal, use them at reasonable levels and you won’t find a better pair of amps.

They are only 25watts at 8ohms, but they will double that wattage all the down to 1ohm and give 200watts without a sweat, real current pushers. They are a real gem in the s/h audio market.

To get a good pair today you need to spend big bucks you probably know this, and this sort of thing only goes up in value, great investment as well.                                                                                                                                                       Or I hate to say it, as it will stir the pot, they could become boat anchors if Class D ever gets it act together.

Cheers George      

Way too many too choose from.  Most people in here will just recommend what they are using.  Levinson is a amazing start, personally I would look for newer ones.  After 2005.