Need Help Choosing Good Value Used Speaker $2,000

Hi all,

I am looking to improve my speakers. I cannot afford $5,000 + speakers, but I have noticed that a lot of the speakers which originally sell in that range, can be obtained here for half and less than half their original price.

I have been looking at Triangle Celius 202s, PSB Synchrony 1, and Vandersteen 3A Signatures. I also like the Paradigm brand, but I do not know what would be a good recent model to look for.

I currently have a budget system which consists of a Marantz PM7200 integrated amp (class A 95W) driving Paradigm Esprit speakers.

Can someone please recommend some other good used speaker models which I should consider purchasing? My maximum budget with shipping is $2,500, but I would like to keep it under that amount, if possible. Thank you for your help.
If you're checking out Triangles, consider the Celius ESW or the Antal ESW, depending upon your room size. Either should match up well with your Class A Marantz, and can be found used for around $1200.
All the speakers mentioned are very good. I heard a pair of JM Labs Electra floor standers that really sounded great. I was highly impressed. Used, they fall in your price range.
I can't imagine there being a better $2k speaker out there as the Salk SongTower.
Magnepan 1.7's + Odyssey Amplification = Delightful
If the Marantz will do 4 ohm loads, Dynaudio are in the ballpark.
Tough to say since you don't give us an idea of the room these will be in or your musical preferences. And what is it that you listen to or appreciate most in a recording or speaker?

Lots of great stuff out there.

Personally, in that ballpark I have settled on great monitors with a nice sub for the final deep bass. But that works well with my room and listening habits and preferences.
You can get a pair of Dynaudio Focus 220 MKII new for $2495 which were originally $3600 (and recently replaced by the Focus 260 at $4900).
I have found the Zu Soul Superflys to be outrageously good for the money. They require good supporting equipment and attention to setup, but when dialed in they are magical.
PSB Golds can usually be found for well under $1000. Their Image 6t iw a real bargain at $1000 new. The Synchrony Two should be found used for less than 2k. All good choices
I'd also consider the Gallo Reference 3.1