need help choosing budget tube preamp

hi guys, i need help deciding on a tube pre for my setup

dac: ps audio dliii
pre: ?
amp: mcintosh mc7100
speakers: b&w n805
cables: morrow/zu

i spent most of my budget already on the rest of my gear.. so i only have about ~500 left for the preamp, used is fine

another idea is to sell the mc7100 amp and get an integrated tube

any suggestions would be appreciated

If you can live without a remote, the Melos SHA-1 is very nice.
This piece is to single ended & tubes like the Adcom GFP750 is to balanced & solid state - both excellent sounding through simple circuitry.
When you want to upgrade, you'll be able to sell it
for close to what you paid, in a couple of days...
I'd stick with separates. You'll have more options, as your system evolves.
I've heard Vlad's Audio Mirror T-61 on numerous occasions. It's a fine sounding tube preamp with remote for $700 new.
There are two AES AE-3 in the classifieds right now. It's a great sounding budget preamp.